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Stinchfield | 04/12/2019

U.N. Showdown

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Vice President Mike Pence urged the United Nations to revoke the Venezuelan Representatives place in the meeting and give it to the Representative of the Interim President of Venezuela. Policy Expert for Latin America Ana Quintana joins Grant to discuss the ongoing conflict in Venezuela and what led to this point. Two former CNN Reporters found out firsthand the importance of owning a firearm when they had to use one in self-defense at a hotel after a criminal held them up at gun point. Chuck De Caro was shot in the fight, but ultimately saved his and his wife's life. He joins Grant to discuss the event from 2015 and also how the media, especially CNN, has changed since the time he was there. Oklahoma State Panel approved loosening the restrictions in the state that allows teachers and faculty to carry firearms in school. President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Don Spencer joins Grant to discuss the importance of this bill and school security.