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Stinchfield | 03/27/2019

Slaps on the Wrist

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A judge has deemed that the "assault weapons" ban in Deerfield, Illinois is unenforceable and an overreach of power. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford joins Grant to discuss the ruling, and what this means for gun owners in the village. New Jersey is having a gun buyback program this weekend with the hopes that criminals will just voluntarily turn over their firearms. Grant is joined by Anthony Colandro of Guns for Hire shooting range in New Jersey to discuss the idiocy of these programs, and how due to New Jersey law, anyone taking their firearms to these programs are already breaking the law. Veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston helps Grant break down self-defense videos. A new study has found that the average daily apprehensions of illegal aliens at the border have skyrocketed since 2017. Chris Hajec of the Immigration Reform Law Institute discusses the national emergency at the border.