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Stinchfield | 03/25/2019

MSM on the Offensive

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The anti-gunners on the left have the mainstream media in their pocket to spew out their gun-hating rhetoric to the masses. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center joins Grant to discuss the left's calls to ban firearms, and the media's wicked ways of pushing these anti-gun messages regardless of the facts. A judge is blocking an ordinance in Deeerfield, Illinois that would ban "assault weapons" in the village and would fine residents up to $1,000 a day if they do not turn in their firearms. Former Illinois Police Officer and Firearms Instructor Chip Eberhart joins Grant to discuss how this ruling is a win for gun owners in the state. Maria Espinoza of the Remembrance Project discusses the need for border security as multiple murders of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens have happened in recent weeks. NRATV's own Cam Edwards wraps up the day discussing the disarmament primary and the left's further push for limiting the Second Amendment.