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Stinchfield | 03/13/2019

Secure Our Schools

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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President Trump has proposed his budget that includes $700 million for school security. Denton County Texas Sheriff Tracy Murphy joins Grant to discuss the need to harden up schools across the country. While the left pushes more universal background check bills, they ignore that the system in place right now doesn't work. Grant is joined by Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford to discuss how the ATF only prosecuted .01% of background check denials in 2017. A Florida House Committee advanced two bills that would ease gun owners' rights on school and church grounds. Former Secret Service Special Agent and church security expert Timothy Miller joins Grant to discuss these two bills and school security. Executive Director of the California Rifle and Pistol Association Rick Travis joins Grant to give his thoughts on the left's push for more restrictive gun laws, including their efforts to force universal background checks.