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Stinchfield | 02/27/2019

Securing Our Schools

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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James Elmore is a middle school teacher from Florida. He is also a combat veteran and a lifetime member of the NRA. He joins Grant to expose the left's scare tactics they use to fight against arming schools. President Trump is hopeful that his second meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un is a success. Korea Expert at the Heritage Foundation Dean Cheng joins Grant to discuss the second summit and what Trump needs to do while discussing denuclearization. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford discusses San Jose's Mayor wanting to require all firearms dealers to video and audio record all firearms purchases. Second Amendment Expert Amy Swearer breaks down the left's universal background checks push and exposes all of the flaws that it has. NRATV Host Cam Edwards wraps up the day with Grant discussing all of the anti-gun bills the House intends to vote on.