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Stinchfield | 02/26/2019

Outrage Culture

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Grant starts the morning off with the Creative Director of NRA's America's 1st Freedom Magazine calling out the vicious lies from Rep. Eric Swalwell. President Trump is in Vietnam preparing for a historic second summit with North Korea. Dr. David Grantham of the Center for a Secure Society joins Grant to discuss what we can expect from the summit, and the likelihood of Kim Jong-un denuclearizing. Last week, West Virginia's House of Delegates held a hearing to address the Campus Self Defense Act. Taylor Giles is a student at West Virginia University and spoke at the hearing. He joins Grant to discuss the bill and the reactions at the hearing. A Turning Point USA employee was assaulted on video while promoting the conservative organization at the very liberal school UC Berkeley. He joins Grant to discuss the altercation and the attacks on conservatives on liberal campuses.