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Stinchfield | 02/14/2019

Parkland One Year Later

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On the anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Grant is joined by instructor for FASTER Colorado Quinn Cunningham and NRATV Host Cam Edwards to discuss the horrific day, and where we are now with school security. Texas City ISD is making sure their schools do not follow the same mistakes that happened at Parkland. The schools are equipped with AR-15s, face recognition cameras and much more. Grant is joined by the Executive Director of security for the Texas City ISD Michael Matranga to discuss their high level security. The L.A. City Council voted to require all contractors with the city to disclose any and all ties they have with the NRA. Second Amendment Attorney from California Chuck Michel joins Grant to discuss this attempt at public shaming by the city of L.A. against anyone who supports the NRA and the Second Amendment.