Stinchfield | 02/12/2019

Build the Wall

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The left wants gun confiscation. If they could, they would eliminate the Second Amendment. They say it regularly, and it became even more apparent than normal last week at the Gun Violence Hearing. Constitutional Law and Second Amendment Professor at George Mason University Joyce Malcolm was one of only two pro-2A people testifying at the hearing. She joins to discuss how the hearing went, and how those on the left would not let her answer questions or correct false statements made by the committee. Second Amendment Attorney and Scholar Stephen Halbrook joins the program to discuss the push to bring all gun cases in D.C. to a federal court. War Correspondent Chuck Holton spent some time in Syria as ISIS is being reduced to nothing in the region. He joins Grant to talk about what he saw. A school monitor was shot by an armed intruder inside a Baltimore school. This comes just weeks after Baltimore voted to not allow officers to carry their firearms inside of schools. Sgt. Clyde Boatwright of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police joins Grant to discuss the situation and how it's a scary reminder of what happens when only the good guys are disarmed.