Stinchfield | 01/04/2019

The Need for Border Security

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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The newly democratic majority in Congress wasted no time going on the attack. Within the first 12 hours, democratic leaders were filing articles of impeachment, filing bills to abolish the electoral college, and comparing the President to Hitler. Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller joins Grant to discuss what we can expect from this congress over the next two years. Chris Kyle is an American hero who is known as America's most deadly sniper. Chris' life was ended abruptly back home after trying to help a fellow veteran who was suffering from PTSD. His wife, Taya Kyle, launched the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in honor of her heroic husband. She joins Grant to talk about her husband, and this great organization.​ Mary Mendoza is an Angel Mother who lost her police officer son to an illegal alien in Arizona. She joins the program to discuss the controversy over the border wall and her call for the government to get it right. Media Director for Mossberg Linda Powell joins the program to highlight their newly introduced MC1sc handguns.