Stinchfield | 02/11/2019

The Green New Deal

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received some well-deserved backlash over her original roll out of her Green New Deal. So much, in fact, that her team tried to quickly take it down and remove some pieces of it, then claimed they were never there in the first place. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center joins Grant to discuss this ridiculous proposal and how the media ignored it. U.S. officials say that ISIS is pinned down to a small town in Syria and they expect it to be completely exterminated soon. War Veteran Chris Neiweem joins Grant to discuss the fight in Syria and the concerns that ISIS will be able to regroup and take back over the area. A charter school in Palmetto, Florida is making it clear where they stand on school security by hiring combat veterans to be their guards and allowing them to carry a long gun on campus. Principle Bill Jones joins Grant to discuss the security measures he put in place at his school and why it's important to secure these soft targets. Radio host Brandon Morse breaks down the Democrats who have announced their presidential bids. The left has not stopped their attacks on ICE, but now they are aiming at defunding DHS. Former INS Agent Michael Cutler joins Grant to discuss the left's attack on national security.