Stinchfield | 02/07/2019

State of the Union 2019

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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President Trump's State of the Union address showed how close to socialism many on the left have gone. White House Correspondent Amber Athey joins Grant to discuss the President's address and how the Democrats' response shows their true colors. The House Judiciary Committee had a hearing on gun violence yesterday that was nothing short of grandstanding. Second Amendment Attorney Chuck Michel joins Grant to discuss the hearing and the many blatant lies from democrats on the committee. Socialism Expert Dr. Lee Edwards of The Heritage Foundation discusses with Grant the left's fascination with socialism and the up-and-coming heads of the party fully embracing it. With less than a week to the anniversary of the Parkland shooting, school security remains a huge conversation around the country. Tim Bulot trains teachers how to use firearms and what to do in the case of an active shooter at their school. He joins Grant to discuss school security and how his teacher training sessions are going.