Stinchfield | 02/05/2019

Houston PD Shooting

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President Trump will speak to the nation tonight at the State of the Union where speculation is he will focus mainly on border security and the need for a wall. But there is also talk that he will be announcing a historic second summit with North Korea. Korea Expert Harry Kazianis tells Grant we are closer to peace with North Korea than we have ever been. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford discusses with Grant a Connecticut Democrat who is pushing for a 50% tax increase on all ammunition sales. Jeff Houston talks with Grant about his participation in the newest season of NOIR and discusses safety tactics for when you are involved in a life threatening situation. Illinois continues its attacks on the Second Amendment. Now they have introduced an ammunition registry bill that is believed to pass. Former Illinois Police Officer Chip Eberhart joins Grant to discuss this bill and the constant anti-gun push in the state.