Stinchfield | 02/04/2019

Super Bowl Weekend

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CBS rejected a Super Bowl ad that focused on our brave men and women who sacrifice their life for us every day. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center joins Grant to discuss the ad and the Super Bowl. The month of January showed why the importance of owning a firearm for self-defense is vital. Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation joins Grant to discuss her piece that looked at how many times a good guy with a gun came to the rescue in the month of January. New Jersey approved a bill that would require all public schools in the state to equip silent panic alarms at the schools. Grant is joined by Quinn Cunningham of FASTER Colorado, a company that specializes in school security, to discuss the new initiative and how it still doesn't have an answer for those minutes that it takes police to get to the school. The Pentagon says it will be sending more troops to the southern border. Former Senior Special Agent for the INS Michael Cutler joins Grant to discuss the ongoing battle for border security.