Stinchfield | 02/01/2019

The Fight To Secure Our Border

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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The battle over the border has no end in sight as President Trump continues to push for border security and the left won't budge. Vice President of the Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto joins Grant to share his frustration over the left's denial of the crisis at the border. NRATV Host Cam Edwards joins Grant to discuss the left's new standard set of gun demands: magazine limits and "assault weapons" bans. Venezuelan President Maduro is threatening the U.S. if they implement military action in the country. Retired Army Special Forces Officer Steve Bucci joins Grant to discuss how Venezuela got to this point, and what, if anything, the United States should do about the murderous dictator. Radio Host and Combat Veteran Jesse Kelly breaks down news of the day with Grant, including more very anti-gun democrats announcing their presidential bids. John Correia of Active Self Protection wraps up the day breaking down self-defense videos and sharing the importance of knowing your surroundings.