Stinchfield | 01/30/2019

Build the Wall

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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Hollywood elites and the left claim walls are racist, yet they are surrounded by giant walls to protect their loved ones and property. Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller set out to California to look at some of the security measures Hollywood elitists use at their own homes while calling out the President for wanting to protect our border. Benny joins the program to tell us what he found. Even in California, the Second Amendment still applies to law-abiding Americans. Gun owners are making sure the state remembers that. Advocates and Second Amendment groups are suing a California County Fair Board for their vote to ban gun shows. Second Amendment Attorney in California Tiffany Cheuvront joins the program to discuss the lawsuit. Virginia is looking to pass a law that would get rid of the current law that does not allow church goers to carry a firearm in their place of worship. Stephen Willeford, the Sutherland Springs hero, knows first hand the importance of securing up soft targets like churches. He joins Grant to discuss this new bill in Virginia.