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Stinchfield | 01/03/2019

GOP in the Crosshairs

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Democratic Representative from Georgia Hank Johnson went on the attack against President Trump and his supporters by claiming they are all "less educated" and die young due to alcoholism and drug use. New White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller Amber Athey joins the program to discuss his comments. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson says democratic lawmakers refused to listen to her at a border security briefing on Wednesday and ended the conversation before the wall portion of the meeting to begin. Former Special Agent with the INS Michael Cutler joins the program to discuss the wall funding and why the left is denying Trump's request for border funding. The Supreme Court will soon be deciding what the next list of cases they will take up will be. Second Amendment Attorney and Scholar Stephen Halbrook joins Grant to discuss what we can expect from a newly conservative bench, and if any gun cases will be brought forth. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is once again acting more like a social justice warrior than an elected official. He is now pardoning nearly 30 immigrants who were facing deportation for various criminal offenses. Maureen Maloney is an angel mother whose son died at the hands of a drunk illegal alien. She joins Grant to discuss the democrats' push back against border security and Governor Cuomo's latest pardons.