Stinchfield | 01/22/2019

Looking Forward to 2020

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to limit how many guns you can buy per month to one. This is just one of the many anti-gun bills he's considering for this year. Legal Fellow for the Heritage Foundation Amy Swearer joins Grant to discuss. Sabine Durden is an Angel Mom who lost her son to an illegal alien who was recklessly driving in California. She tried to meet with Nancy Pelosi over the weekend to talk about the border wall, but Nancy wouldn't meet with her. She joins Grant to tell her son's story and the issues at the border. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton gives us an update on the second bombing attack on U.S. troops in Syria in less than a week. Brittany Hughes of MRCTV joins the program to break down some of the news of the day. The Supreme Court has announced today that they will be hearing a gun case out of New York. Second Amendment Attorney and Scholar Stephen Halbrook joins Grant to discuss this breaking news and what we can expect from a conservative bench.