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Stinchfield | 05/16/2018

Training Law Enforcement for Ambush Attacks

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Strong words of support for police from President Trump as he calls for the death penalty for any cop killer. Sheriff's Deputy and trainer Tim Bulot joins the program to talk about the President's speech, what it's like being an officer in today's world, and also his tactical training courses that specialize in ambush attacks. Democrat Representative Debbie Dingell announced in April she plans to introduce a national gun confiscation legislation, citing the ability to seize firearms is crucial to public safety. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford joins Grant to discuss this legislation, and how certain laws similar to this are already in play, even in his home state of Indiana. Chaos at the Israeli border as violent protests take place from Palestinians in protest of the U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem. Iraqi War Veteran Chris Neiweem joins the program to discuss the Israeli conflict. Dana Loesch discusses the current events. Dan Bongino joins Grant to discuss his thoughts on President Trump's remarks on the death penalty.