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Stinchfield | 05/08/2018

Counties Showing Support for the Second Amendment

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Grant kicks off the morning with Stacy Washington, host of Stacy on the Right, to discuss Illinois counties that are pushing back against the state's anti-gun laws. They are now declaring themselves as "Sanctuary Counties" for guns and gun owners. Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway called the NRA "hypocrites" a few weeks ago for abiding by Secret Service's rule of no firearms in the speakers forum during the Vice President and President's speeches. He accepted Grant Stinchfield's request to join him on NRATV during NRA Annual Meetings, we show the full interview. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton recaps NRA Annual Meetings and gives us the latest on the news of the day. Grant Stinchfield participated in an NRA Carry Guard live scenario training that put his decision making to the test. NRA Carry Guard Instructor Jeff Houston joins the program and walks through Grant's scenario and how he did. Dan Bongino wraps up the day with his take on current events.