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Stinchfield | 04/18/2018

Stinchfield on NRATV

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Grant Stinchfield begins the morning discussing sanctuary cities and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that found an immigration law to be too vague. Maria Espinoza from The Remembrance Project and Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford join Grant to talk about the security issue and how the ruling affects defenders of the Second Amendment. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton continues reporting from Brazil's most dangerous neighborhoods to bring you fresh perspective on gun laws and how they affect communities. NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor, Jeff Houston, talks with Grant about the growing number of women choosing to carry concealed. Dana Loesch and Dan Bongino wrap up the day with their take on current events. Stinchfield airs live on NRATV weekdays at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.