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Stinchfield | 02/06/2018

Grant's Latest New York Experience

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Grant Stinchfield kicks off the morning talking with Stacy Washington, host of Stacy on the Right, about our changing culture, changing values and political correctness that affects our everyday lives. Peter Van Voorhis with the Washington Examiner joins Grant to discuss people's obvious bias toward Trump. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton provides insight into a new drug trafficking issue along our border. Laura Carno with Coloradans for Civil Liberties joins Grant to discuss the fight to arm teachers for school safety. Dan Bongino wraps up the day with his take on today's current events and relevant topics. Stinchfield airs live on NRATV weekdays at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.