Stinchfield | 12/18/2018

High-Capacity Ban a High Priority

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The latest anti-gun and anti-police law in New Jersey now says off-duty police cannot carry a firearm with more than a 10 round magazine. Retired New Jersey Police Officer John Zamrok joins Grant to discuss how dangerous this new law is for the law-abiding, and also discusses the New Jersey Attorney General refusing to abide by federal law that allows retired police to carry concealed. Dale Wilcox of the Immigration Reform Law Institute joins the program to discuss the Obama Administration allowing over 300 million dollars of taxpayer money to go towards assisting illegal immigrants with legal advice. Nevada's new Attorney General plans to focus on intensifying background checks in the state. Western Regional Director for the NRA Dan Reid joins the program to discuss. ICE Agents have arrested over 6,500 illegal aliens who are either convicted murderers or sex offenders since the start of 2018. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton joins to give the latest on the news at the border.