Stinchfield | 12/17/2018

Good Guys With Guns in Indiana

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The left is furious with the Parkland Safety Commission recommending arming teachers as a result of the Parkland shooting. Tim Bulot is a sergeant with the Ellis County Sheriff's Office in Texas and is the owner of Strategic Weapons Academy who works with training teachers every day and puts them through active shooting courses. He discusses the new recommendation with Grant. The media has fallen silent to a potential mass shooting that was stopped because of tips. NRATV Host Cam Edwards joins Grant to discuss the events that took place in Indiana and how the media doesn't seem to care because the damage was stopped. A New Jersey law that makes it illegal to own a magazine with more than a 10 round capacity is now in effect. This law now makes it illegal for even off-duty police to carry any magazine bigger than 10 rounds, even though a standard police firearm holds more. Retired LVPD Lieutenant Randy Sutton joins Grant to discuss how absurd this law is, and how it puts the lives of off-duty and on-call cops at risk.