Stinchfield | 12/14/2018

Aftermath of the Strasbourg Attack

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The manhunt for the terrorist that killed 2 and injured over a dozen in Strasbourg at a Christmas market has now been killed. Police say the terrorist was radicalized in prison, and ISIS has taken claim for the Christmas market attack. President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joins Grant to discuss how this known radical was still able to conduct this attack. Boulder, Colorado banned AR-15s over the summer. Now, if you owned an AR-15 prior to the ban, you can keep them, but only if you get them certified with the Sheriff's Office. Creative Director for the NRA America's 1st Freedom magazine and Colorado native Clay Turner joins Grant to explain what this new certificate means and the implications it poses to law-abiding gun owners in Boulder. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to discuss the fifteen year anniversary of catching Saddam Hussein and how Iraq has changed since the capture. Andrew Pollack is the father of Meadow, who was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this year. Andrew has been a loud voice in support of strengthening our schools and he joins Grant to discuss the recommendation from the public safety board to arm teachers.