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Stinchfield | 11/26/2018

The Media's Misrepresentation of the Caravan

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While the mob of migrants attempted to storm the border over Thanksgiving weekend, the mainstream media couldn't help but use that as a means to attack President Trump. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Council joins Grant to discuss the media's push to pin the President as a racist rather than report the news. Portland has become a home for the mob known as Antifa. RedState Writer Brandon Morse joins the program to discuss the idea that the reason behind liberal leaders allowing Antifa to run the streets is because at the end of the day they agree with what they stand for. Social media sensations Diamond & Silk join the program to call out the media for their attacks and lies against the Trump Administration, and also talk about democrats preparing for war against conservatives when they take control of the House. Grant wraps up the day with Vice President of the Border Patrol Council and Border Patrol Agent Art Del Cueto discussing the violence that took place at the border over the weekend.