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Stinchfield | 02/01/2018

Conservative Comedian and the Second Amendment

Stop the Progressive End Game of Disarmament.

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Grant Stinchfield kicks off the morning talking with political comedian Tim Young about his goal to get his concealed carry license after being robbed at gunpoint. Venezuelan-born Olympic Shooter Gabby Franco joins Grant to discuss the crisis facing the citizens of Venezuela. Second Amendment Attorney Chuck Michel talks about President Trump's federal court appointments and how it will help preserve our rights for a generation. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton focuses on the 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive, one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War. Author Liz Lazarus tells Grant about her sequel to her book Free of Malice that continues the story, based on her personal experience, about a rape victim who realizes the need to train on a firearm for self-protection. Dana Loesch and Dan Bongino wrap up the day with their take on today's current events and relevant topics. Stinchfield airs live on NRATV weekdays at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.