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Stinchfield | 11/19/2018

The War Against Caucasians

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Don Lemon and his panel now claim that all white women who voted for President Trump are racist and support white supremacy. Grant is joined by Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center to discuss this blame game from the media. The National Anthem protests in the NFL have all but died down, yet media outlets like the Wall Street Journal continue to highlight the small number of players who continue to disrespect the flag. Former Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens joins Grant to discuss the media's fascination with disrespecting the flag, and also to discuss his latest book "Why I Stand" that talks about his pride for America. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton gives us the latest on the fires in California. VC Defense Firearms is the only gun store in Thousand Oaks, California. After the horrific shooting that took place there, many Californians are rushing to the gun store to find a way to protect themselves. John Von Colln is the owner of VC Defense and he joins Grant to discuss what he's seen since not only the shooting, but the fires as well.