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Stinchfield | 10/24/2018

North and South Korean Soldiers Removed from "Truce Village"

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North and South Korea have agreed to remove armed troops from the "truce village" that sits between both countries, leading some to believe they are getting closer to friendly neighbors than enemies. North Korea Expert Harry Kazianis joins Grant to give his take and what he believes will come from this symbolic move. Indianapolis is holding a gun buyback program in November in an attempt to curb the violence in the city. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford joins Grant to give their different opinions on the efficiencies of buyback programs. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton gives an update on the caravan of migrants heading to the U.S. border, and also takes a closer look into the violent street gang known as MS-13. While the left seems to be embracing socialism, the White House has released a report showing the cost and ineffectiveness of socialism. Distinguished Fellow for the Heritage Foundation Lee Edwards joins Grant to discuss this report and how the left is dead wrong on socialism. Daily Caller's Amber Athey joins Grant to break down some of the media meltdowns from the week.