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Stinchfield | 10/22/2018

Panel of Activist Journalists Laughs at the Thought of Military Removing Trump

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No matter how well President Trump is doing, the media cannot help themselves but to attack him. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center joins Grant to discuss the media's willingness to ignore all of the positives coming from the White House. The caravan of immigrants from Central America has now grown to over 7,000 and continues to make its way to the U.S. border. President Trump has called it a national emergency. Co-Founder of the Remembrance Project Maria Espinoza joins Grant to discuss this caravan and the importance of stopping this type of illegal activity. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton continues the coverage of this massive caravan and takes a look at who may be behind this group. The city of Seattle is plagued with violence, drugs and poverty. Liberal city officials continue to look the other way or install temporary fixes to long term problems. Ari Hoffman is a Seattle native and a concerned citizen and he joins Grant to discuss the leftist policies that are destroying his city. The left continues to harass republicans in public, this time Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife while eating dinner. RedState writer Brandon Morse joins Grant to discuss the incivility the left has embraced.