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Stinchfield | 10/10/2018

Clinton: 'You Cannot Be Civil with Republicans'

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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is back in the news, saying democrats should not be civil to republicans any longer. RedState Writer Brandon Morse starts the morning off with Grant to discuss this dangerous notion by Clinton, in an already very tense time. Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly spent some time during his Senate debate to spread more lies about gun show loopholes. Second Amendment Attorney from Indiana, Guy Relford, joins Grant and exposes the false information the left gives on gun shows. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton discusses cyber security and internet scams that affect the lives of millions of Americans. Justice Kavanaugh started his first week on the Supreme Court this week, and he was met with more protesters. Chicks On The Right Reporter Hannah Bleau joins Grant to discuss the outrage and also give her take on Hillary's remarks on civility. J.D. Gordon is a former Pentagon Spokesman and National Security adviser to President Trump. He shares his inside look at how the media and leakers inside the government are waging war against the President.