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Stinchfield | 10/02/2018

Israeli Intelligence Shows Iran Has a Secret Nuclear Facility

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disclosed new information that appears to show Iran has yet another secret nuclear facility, just three miles away from the one Israel Intelligence found back in January. Iraq War Veteran Chris Neiweem joins Grant to discuss the latest accusations and if there are plans to inspect the facility. A Georgetown professor took to Twitter to wish death upon all white Republican Congressmen who were part of the Kavanaugh hearing. Emma Meshell from Campus Reform joins Grant to discuss the anti-American choke hold the left has on college campuses. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to break down possibly the biggest theft of firearms in American history that took place in Memphis, Tennessee. The left continues to move the goal posts with the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Media Research Center's Brittany Hughes joins Grant to discuss the latest from the FBI background investigation of Judge Kavanaugh. A new study shows that stricter penalties against illegal aliens more so than not keeps them from re-entering the country illegally. Former ICE Supervisor Jason Piccolo joins Grant to discuss.