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Stinchfield | 09/19/2018

Hawaii Second Amendment Supporters Hopeful 9th Circuit Will Retry Open Carry Case

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Grant kicks off the morning with Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford taking a close look at the anti-gunners in Hawaii, who are now trying to get a second chance on the Ninth Circuit ruling from July that said the restrictions on open carry in Hawaii contradict the Second Amendment. NRATV host Colion Noir has a new episode out that takes a look at the root of the problems in Chicago, and that starts with the family life. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton breaks down the lies from the left about Hurricane Florence as well as the lies that continue to be told about Hurricane Maria. The Kavanaugh accuser, Kristine Ford, says she will not testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee until the FBI does an investigation, leading more to believe that this is another ploy by the left to stall the vote. Daily Caller's Amber Athey joins Grant to discuss. Conceal carry permits are surging across the country, and it's not just republicans who are getting them. NRATV host Cam Edwards joins Grant to discuss how having the ability to protect yourself is not a left or right issue.