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Stinchfield | 09/18/2018

Catastrophic Flooding Across the Carolinas

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Grant starts the morning off breaking down the latest from the accusations towards Brett Kavanaugh from when he was in high school. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton remains in North Carolina taking a look at the damages and aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Fort Worth Police Officer Garrett Hull was shot in the head while apprehending a robbery suspect. Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins Grant to speak about this fallen officer, and the dangers of being a police officer in today's day and age. The Daily Caller Reporter Benny Johnson joins Grant to continue the coverage of the Judge Kavanaugh accusations and what to expect from Monday's hearings. The NFL and owners continue to allow their players to kneel and disrespect the national anthem. Former Raiders Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens joins Grant to call out the disrespectful behavior from these millionaire athletes and calls out Nike for their endorsement of Kaepernick. The Emmys took shots at Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump at the event last night. Combat Veteran and writer for The Federalist Jesse Kelly joins Grant to call out the Hollywood elites.