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Stinchfield | 09/17/2018

Arizona Sees Massive Influx of Illegal Aliens

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Numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border sky rocketed in August. Arizona is dealing with a massive influx in their state alone. Vice President of the Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto joins Grant from Arizona to discuss what's happening in that state, and why all of sudden this surge is happening. Steven Woods was murdered by a group of illegal aliens. He was stabbed in the head with a metal paint roller. His sister, Shellie Woods, joins Grant to tell his story and gives an update on the murderer seeking a hearing. Chuck Holton joins Grant throughout the morning giving us updates of the aftermath of Florence from North Carolina. Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accuser has come forward, and reports show Democrat leaders held onto the information for over two months, leading questions as to the legitimacy of the accusation. Brittany Hughes of the Media Research Council joins Grant to discuss the accusation and what it means for the judge.