Stinchfield | 09/13/2018

California is at it Again with Ridiculous Anti-Gun Measures

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California looks to restrict its citizens' right to bear arms even more by adding taxes and restrictions on ammunition, claiming it's to help stop gun violence. Western Regional Director for the NRA Dan Reid joins Grant to discuss this new proposal. The media is on attack mode yet again against President Trump's remarks about the death toll in Puerto Rico. Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center joins Grant to break down the claims. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton gives updates from the east coast where Hurricane Florence is expected to hit. ICE arrested 78 illegal aliens in an Arizona bust, and nearly 13,000 were apprehended trying to sneak across the border in August, shattering previous records. Former INS Agent Michael Cutler joins Grant to discuss why the sudden uptick in border crossings. Debbie Deason's brother was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien who ran him over, and then tried to hide the body. Debbie joins the program to tell her brother's story.