Stinchfield | 09/10/2018

Pro-Second Amendment March in Boise

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Thousands marched to Idaho's state capital in support of the Second Amendment over the weekend. President of Idaho's Second Amendment Alliance Greg Pruett put this annual march together, and he joins Grant to discuss the record numbers and the zero coverage the media gave the event. NRA Carry Guard Expo is this weekend in Richmond, Virginia. One of the more exciting attractions this year is the NRA Carry Guard Virtual Reality Experience that puts you directly in a situation and helps teach you about situational awareness, and how to defend yourself in potentially life threatening scenarios. Director and Cinematographer Christopher Bigbie joins Grant to discuss the Expo and the VR experience. A knife wielding lunatic attacks seven in Paris on Sunday. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to discuss the event and the surge in attacks over the last year in France. A new report shows potentially 39 million cases that Americans have had their identities or social security numbers stolen by illegal aliens over the past four years. ​Executive Director for the Immigration Reform Law Institute Dale Wilcox joins Grant to discuss. Mary Ann Mendoza's son was killed by an illegal alien. Mary held a gathering at Capitol Hill on Friday with other angel families to share their stories and plead to congress to fix the immigration system that continues to allow illegal aliens into the country.