Stinchfield | 08/31/2018

Pro-Gun Alumna Faces Backlash for Planning Second Amendment Rally

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Kent State "gun girl" is back in the news after the university is claiming she violated their guidelines and is not allowed to continue with her upcoming pro Second Amendment rally. She joins Grant to explain what happened and how she is fighting back. The Attorney General for Virginia has come out and said schools do not legally have authority to allow some teachers to carry in schools. Second Amendment Attorney Stephen Halbrook joins Grant to discuss. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to discuss worldwide news. Anti-gun state California has moved the legal age to buy a long rifle to 21. Western Regional Director for the NRA Dan Reid joins Grant to talk about this change in California. We continue our coverage of families who have been affected by illegal aliens. Steve Ronnebeck's son was shot by an illegal alien who wanted to buy cigarettes. Steve joins Grant to tell his son's story.