Stinchfield | 08/30/2018

Judge Drops Charges for 3 Suspects in the New Mexico Terror Case

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A judge in the New Mexico Compound trial has dismissed all charges against three of the five involved. Grant Stinchfield starts off the morning with his concerns and frustration about letting these people walk free, and is later joined by retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin to further break down this ruling that is leaving everyone questioning what is going on. Facebook claims they have no bias towards conservatives, but when a radio host and pastor try to promote loving God and defending America as an ad on Facebook, Facebook rejects their ad saying it violates their guidelines. Pastor and nationally syndicated radio host Steve Solomon joins Grant to talk about his experience with the social media giant. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton is back in Panama today and will talk with Grant about a variety of worldwide news. Democratic Strategist Chip Franklin goes on a tirade against President Trump and spewed hateful lies about the President and the NRA. Brittany Hughes for the Media Research Center joins Grant to call out Chip Franklin and the left's hateful rhetoric. Sergeant Brandon Mendoza was killed in 2014 by an illegal alien drunk driver who was high on meth and three times the legal alcohol level. His mother, Mary Mendoza is still recovering from that tragedy that took her son's life. She joins Grant to tell her son's story.