Stinchfield | 08/24/2018

Reports North Korea to Turn Over Information on Key Nuclear Sites

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will make his way back to North Korea next week after reports indicate that North Korea will turn over their nuclear test site list. Director of Defense Studies at the Center for National Interest Harry Kazianis joins Grant to discuss the expectations for the meetings. Clyde Morgan is the owner of Precision Shooting in Mississippi. He holds a special course that trains church security teams and congregations to battle back against a violent threat that may enter their church. He joins Grant to talk about why he holds this exclusive class, and the success it is having. London's murders this year are already about to pass the total number from last year. And there is one key theme: knife attacks. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to discuss the violence and what the government is doing to stop it. The murder of Mollie Tibbetts shows once again the need for a border wall and stricter immigration policies. Former ICE Supervisor Jason Piccolo joins Grant to discuss the case and stresses the importance of keeping these types of criminals out. Social media companies have a censorship problem. Particularly a conservative censorship problem. Diamond and Silk have dealt with it firsthand and join the program to talk about the censorship and banning of conservatives on Facebook and Twitter.