Stinchfield | 08/22/2018

NRATV Safe Schools Investigation

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NRA's School Safety Investigation takes us to the state of Ohio and focuses on a school district in Newcomerstown, Ohio that has been training and arming teachers for years. Superintendent Jeff Staggs joins Grant to talk about what his district is doing and how it has benefited them. An Indiana store owner saved his own life from a robber who had a gun pointed at his head by being quick on his feet and tripping an alarm and grabbing his own firearm, chasing the thief out of the store. Second Amendment Attorney and Indiana native Guy Relford joins Grant to break down the surveillance video, and also calls out the virtue signaling from Indiana officials on gun law proposals. Israel is finally waking up to the dangers of the world and allowing over half a million civilians to be able to purchase a firearm. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton has been following this development and joins Grant to discuss. Colion Noir is live from Seattle taking a look at the drug and homeless problem that plagues the city, and the lack of leadership from the cities officials.