Stinchfield | 08/15/2018

Reporter Tells His Story of When He Was Assaulted During Antifa Riots

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Antifa thugs rioted in Washington D.C. and not only destroyed businesses, but harassed police and attacked reporters. The Daily Caller's Henry Rodgers was discovered as a journalist while reporting on the riots and was attacked by Antifa. Henry joins Grant to discuss what happened, and calls out the mainstream media and anyone who tries to condone Antifa violence. Indianapolis City Council voted overwhelmingly to make gun violence a public health threat. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford joins Grant to discuss the vote. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton gives us the latest on world news. Trump's trade war with China has the Chinese leaders in a fluster. Director for Defense Studies for the Center for National Interest Harry Kazianis joins Grant to discuss the trade war and how this effects relations with China and even North Korea. As NRATV takes a closer look at what states are doing to strengthen school security, we focus in on the state of Washington. Superintendent of Toppenish, Washington School District John Cerna not only carries a firearm himself, but allows other administrators to do the same. He joins Grant to discuss his decision and what the state is doing as the school year begins.