Stinchfield | 08/14/2018

NRA School Shield: Free of Charge and Free of Politics

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NRA's upcoming edition of America's 1st Freedom magazine focuses on the NRA School Shield Program as school begins to start back up around the country. Creative Director for America's 1st Freedom Clay Turner joins Grant to discuss what the magazine focuses on and to also discuss the NRA School Shield Program. Antifa thugs are now being investigated by the Secret Service for threatening to kill the President. Reporter for The Daily Caller Benny Johnson was the man who took the video, and he joins Grant to discuss the violent agitators and what he saw at their riots. Police in London are taking a look at a possible terrorist attack that took place this morning. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to discuss the attack. Antifa not only took aim at President Trump and reporters during their riots, but they also threatened, harassed, and chanted death threats to police officers. Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik joins Grant to discuss the violence and threats towards police.