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Stinchfield | 08/09/2018

New Mexico Extremist Training Compound Discovered

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Breaking news out of New Mexico as reports show that a terrorist compound was training kids to carry out school shootings. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin joins Grant to discuss this horrific situation in New Mexico as well as the ongoing issues between the United States and North Korea. A student in Sacramento was lectured by her teacher for wearing a pro-NRA shirt to school. Second Amendment Attorney Chuck Michel calls out the censorship with Grant. Israel launched dozens of missile strikes into the Gaza Strip amid escalating tension between both sides. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton breaks down what's going on in Israel and if there is potential for a ceasefire. CNN released an opinion piece comparing reporters to soldiers. David Brooks is a Marine Veteran and now is editor for The Daily Caller, and he has a lot to say about this comparison. When Houston was hit with Hurricane Harvey, brave people like Kenny Vaughn got their boat and rescued hundreds of people from the dangerous storms. Now, we are at the year anniversary and Kenny is making his way back to Houston. He joins Grant to talk about the anniversary and the countless lives he saved last year.