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Stinchfield | 08/06/2018

Exposing the Bias Within the Mainstream Media

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CNN showed off their bias towards President Trump in Brian Stelter's weekend program "Reliable Sources" claiming that Trump's relationship with the media is just like Stalin. Dan Gainor from the Media Research Council joins Grant to talk about this disgusting comparison, and also call out MSNBC's claim that socialism gets a bad rep. The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board claims that the Supreme Court ruled wrong on the Second Amendment and now the 9th Circuit Court ruling on Hawaii will make the nation more dangerous. Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Amy Swearer joins Grant to discuss the piece. An attempted assassination on Venezuela's President took place over the weekend. NRATV Correspondent Chuck Holton joins Grant to discuss what happened, and what to expect next. Grant Stinchfield came to the rescue of a security guard who was struggling to keep an accused thief on the ground. NRA Carry Guard Instructor Jeff Houston joins Grant to break down the video and also talk about what Grant could have done better, if anything. After the horrific shooting in Toronto, Canada is now considering a handgun ban. NRATV Host of Cam & Co Cam Edwards joins the program to discuss this proposed ban, and how this is what happens when you start to give ground to the other side.