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Stinchfield | 08/01/2018

NRATV Safe Schools Investigation

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Michigan state Supreme Court ruled that districts may ban guns on all school campuses, making them soft targets for deranged individuals. Second Amendment Attorney out of Michigan James Makowski is fighting this ruling and discusses with Grant what the next steps are to ensuring children's safety in the classrooms. Protecting yourself and your home from intruders is important, but how and what you do after you are forced to use a firearm in a situation like this is equally important. Second Amendment Attorney Guy Relford joins Grant to talk about what you should and should not do when police arrive at your home after you had to use deadly force on an intruder. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton participated in a timed steel shooting competition over the weekend in Panama and he joins the program to talk about how he did and the restrictive gun laws in Panama that limit citizen's ability to own a firearm. School safety starts with making sure an armed guard or teacher is on campus. Quinn Cunningham is an instructor for FASTER Colorado and trains faculty how to properly use a firearm. He joins Grant to discuss schools safety as the start of the school year is coming up. CNN's darling Jim Acosta loves to heckle the President, but isn't a fan of being heckled himself. The Daily Caller's Amber Athey wraps up the day with Grant to expose the hypocrisy that was on full display from Acosta at President Trump's rally yesterday in Florida.