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Stinchfield | 07/13/2018

NRATV School Safety Investigation

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Grant Stinchfield is live from Santa Fe, Texas kicking off NRATV's "School Safety Investigation" where we will be checking in with schools across the country to see how they are securing their campuses before the start of the new school year. Grant meets with students and members of the community to talk about the horrific school shooting that took place in Santa Fe, and what they are doing to ensure it never happens again. Former Lake Pend Oreille School Board Chairman Steve Youngdahl joins Grant to discuss the NRA School Shield program and hardening the schools in his area with help from the NRA program. Massachusetts Area County Commissioner Ron Beaty is a big proponent of NRA School Shield and he joins Grant to discuss the importance of adding extra security measures to schools. Dan Bongino joins Grant and further discusses hardening schools.