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Stinchfield | 07/06/2018

Bait Cars Used to Catch Habitual Car Thieves

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Chuck Holton finishes up a week of hosting duties while Grant Stinchfield is away. The NRATV Frontlines Correspondent starts the day interviewing, Fort Worth Police Officer, Joel Harter, who is part of a task force cracking down on car thefts. The important work is tackling the issue of habitual criminals, a persistent problem law enforcement officers across the country face. Chris Mitchell, News Director for the Christian Broadcasting Network, joins Chuck from Jerusalem to discuss tensions in the Middle East. Tina Prelgovisk survived Hurricane Maria and joins Chuck from Puerto Rico to discuss recovery efforts. Chuck explores the new migration out of California with Pete Thompson. Thompson explains why he relocated his family to Texas. Chuck wraps up the day with an old friend Congressman Clay Higgins.