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Stinchfield | 06/25/2018

Hardening and Securing Schools to Protect Children

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Teachers from around the country have been using this summer to train themselves and learn how to properly use firearms in case of emergencies at their schools. NRATV Correspondent Kerry Picket has been traveling the country and meeting with these teachers. She joins Grant to discuss what she's seen so far. Congresswoman Maxine Waters has routinely called for the impeachment of President Trump, and is now calling on the left to protest anywhere and everywhere Trump officials go. YouTuber Ashton Whitty has been in the middle of many of the left's protests, and speaks about the dangerous effects comments like those from Maxine Waters has on young protestors. Cynthia Nixon and Elizabeth Warren are doing their best to attack Border Patrol and ICE Agents, while simultaneously making it a point to use any child they see on the border as political tools to further their narrative of tearing families apart. Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto responds to Cynthia Nixon calling ICE a "terrorist organization." The mainstream media are back at it again, this time MSNBC comparing not President Trump, but his supporters to Nazi guards. Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center joins the program to discuss. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton further discusses the threats from Maxine Waters promoting the harassment of Trump officials. Dan Bongino gives his take on latest news of the day and responds to the most ridiculous soundbites from over the weekend. Director of Defense Studies for the Center for National Interest​ Harry Kazianis joins Grant to discuss foreign policy news and Raqqa being put on lockdown.