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Stinchfield | 06/22/2018

Securing Our Schools and Protecting Our Children

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Six months after a high schooler was shot by her fellow classmate in Italy, Texas, she's speaking up about that day. Tim Bulot was an Ellis County Deputy who responded to the shooting and he talks about that day and what schools in his county are doing this summer to strengthen security in their schools. CNN having a change of heart? Not likely, but Brooke Baldwin called out a Democratic Senator for ignoring the border issues during Obama. MRC's Matt Philbin joins the program to discuss. "Sex and the City" star who is running for office in New York, Cynthia Nixon, has called for the abolishing of ICE. Marine Combat Veteran Jesse Kelly joins the program to discuss just how over the line the left has gone with the border issues, and the hypocrisy of them not caring about the same issues just a few years ago when Obama was President. Nikki Haley went scorched earth on the United Nations Human Rights Council after announcing the United States will leave the council that has shown no signs of actually caring about human rights. NRATV Frontlines Correspondent Chuck Holton exposes the lack of compassion from the Council and the ongoing struggles at the Gaza border. Anna Taylor, CEO of Dene Adams, joins the program to talk about her concealed carry holder company and the rise of women carrying in the United States. Dan Bongino gives his take on latest news of the day. United States forces have pummeled ISIS forces near Pakistan, killing almost 200 fighters in the past two weeks. Iraqi War Veteran Chris Neiweem joins the program to break down the push to end ISIS once and for all. ​