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Stinchfield | 06/19/2018

Lack of Media Coverage Following Violent Gang Shooting

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Grant Stinchfield starts off the morning giving you the stories the mainstream media won't; a good guy with a gun saved the day in a Walmart parking lot in Washington. Amy Swearer, Legal Analyst for The Heritage Foundation, joins Grant to discuss the Walmart shooting and the gang related shooting at a festival in New Jersey over the weekend. Stacy Washington breaks down the common theme from USA Today's list of top worst cities to live in in the United States. Spoiler Alert: Democrats. The Police Executive Research Forum released biased reports on gun violence, suggesting a ban of things like 10 round magazines. Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser disagrees with the report and explains why the forum does not represent most police forces around the country. The mainstream media have done their best to exploit what's going on at the border and shifting the blame to President Trump. Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto joins the program to explain exactly what is happening on the border and how the media are lying about how they handle families. Dan Bongino and Kurt Schlichter gives their takes on the latest news of the day. Grant wraps up the day with NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor Jeff Houston to further break down the New Jersey and Walmart shootings and how different the outcomes were for both due to a concealed carry holder.